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Wall Plant Hanger

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A wonderful way to bring nature into your home, our plant hangers hang from the wall allowing you to keep plants even in the tightest spaces. 

Choose between 4 thread colors to best compliment your plant and decor.

Designed to fit any sized planter, we recommend one with a base larger than 2.9" (7.5cm). Weight shouldn't exceed 9lbs (about 4kg), which is the equivalent of a medium-sized cascading plant.

Please note the black thread plant hanger comes with a black ring, if you'd like it to be natural let us know in a note with your order.

Material: Oak and Cotton thread
Size: Hook Length: 7" (18 cm) Thread Length: from tip of hook until base of planter about 19 in (50 cm)

Mounting: we supply screws and anchors for mounting on hard walls, if you're mounting on drywall make sure to secure it to a stud.